ANN: Steve Portigal's new book-in-progress--The Art and Craft of User Research Interviewing

26 Jan 2011 - 11:40am
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Steve Portigal

(Everyone, apologies for any duplicate postings you may receive. Here's the official announcement from Rosenfeld Media for my new book-in-progress. I'm so excited! /SP)

Interviewing users is fundamental to user experience work but, as Steve Portigal cautions, we tend to take it for granted. Because it's based on talking and listening, skills we think we have, we often wing it. Sadly, we miss out on many of the wonderful opportunities our interviews should reveal.

So we're thrilled that Steve, who's contributed regular columns to interactions and Core77, has signed on to write a new Rosenfeld Media book, The Art and Craft of User Research Interviewing, to help UX practitioners really succeed with interviewing. Steve's book will focus on helping practitioners to better understand users' perspectives, and to rely upon rapport as the main ingredient in successful user interviews.
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