February Update - Spring 2011 Training Programme in Usability, UX and UCD

31 Jan 2011 - 10:26am
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William Hudson

(Apologies if you receive this more than once.)


It’s now just a week until our four-day training event - UxFest - on user experience, information architecture and user-centred design. It includes strategic courses on Ajax, Agile, Web Navigation and Faceted Search. It’s not too late to book online. Just visit www.syntagm.co.uk/design/schedule.shtml#uxfest


Details of courses in our Spring programme follow below.


Spring UX & UCD Training Course in London


Following UxFest will be a two-day workshop on Persona-Driven Design on 21 March. Participants will spend about 50% of their time making sense of user research and then developing personas and interaction designs using a variety of user-centred techniques. It’s suitable for a broad audience, from interaction designers and developers through to project managers and Scrum masters.


In April (the 11th) we will be introducing a new course focusing on Ecommerce User Experience. This is based on benchmarking work we’ve been doing for almost 10 years on both intranets and ecommerce sites. The one-day course will help participants evaluate and improve ecommerce site design, while also showing where some of the most important user experience opportunities lie.


May 16th is the debut of Card Sorting for User Experience, based on the popular half and full-day card sorting courses we have been running since 2004. This revised one-day course features the debut of our latest analysis software package, SynCaps V3 – this will allow researchers to make sense of all but the most confused sort results from either paper-based or online sorting activities. The course also looks at simple and inexpensive analysis techniques. (Participants will be entitled to a full license for SynCaps V2, which can be applied towards the purchase of SynCaps V3 when it is released for sale. Our earliest package, SynCaps V1, is free.)


Finally, June sees the return of our general course on usable web design (called, appropriately enough, Web Design for Usability) on the 13th. Unlike many usability courses, this one focuses on design and is more than a large collection of guidelines and tips. We include a variety of tools and techniques to help participants apply usable design in their projects.


As always, there is a 3-for-2 discount across all of these courses, giving great flexibility to both individual and group attendees.


Visit our web site for full details and to book online.


Courses in Vancouver


Two of our courses – Agile UX & UCD and Card Sorting – are featured in the tutorial programme for CHI 2011 in Vancouver. The courses programme should be on the conference web site fairly soon – www.chi2011.org


Drop us a line if you need a course you don’t see on our site (see our course schedule) or would like to run one or more in-house, anywhere in the world.



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UxFest – Four days of UX, UCD and Usability Courses in London 7-10 Feb 2011




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