Re: [IxDA] how to design collaboratively in an interview

9 Feb 2011 - 5:23pm
5 years ago
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Trying to introduce collaboration into the interview, while it sounds good is probably just a recipe for disaster. The differences in how each person engages are so broad and so dependent on an over-time working relationship with other people that unless you have some really strongly defined needs in place and ways to measure them and sample collaborators able to work at just the right level with random interviewees, I don't forsee a lot of success coming from the effort.

If you need strong "seize the reins and gallop forward" people to give a strong direction for your team, you might be able to get those. But that's not how everyone successful works, nor can you have a whole team of rein-grabbers.

But it's sure a good avenue for discussion. There are probably at least small steps which can be done in incorporating the concept.


10 Feb 2011 - 5:25am

If people are not flexible or professional enough to collaborate from day 1 that they join after the interview, I foresee a problem fitting them into most UX teams I have worked with, or even having a line-manager relationship. A good thing to weed out during an interview with some playful collaboration then.

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