Re: [IxDA] design exercises and/or portfolio review during interview

9 Feb 2011 - 5:29pm
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You're right on one level: if you're asking them to do legitimate work on the problems you are currently working on, then you should pay them for the time (whether you adopt their solution or not!).

But I think most of us would advocate for a sample design task not related to the specific work being hired for: we want to see how you attack a problem more than the answer you get. (Just like high school math class: show your work.) Let us see how you do things you do.

Showing a portfolio largely demonstrates completed work. We can't see the steps, the analysis, the misfires along the way, and how much was you vs. the rest of your team. You can tell us that stuff, but "show" usually beats "tell" (and it removes a lot of potential truth fudging).

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