Many thanks to our Interaction 11 team, sponsors and attendees

14 Feb 2011 - 2:34am
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IxDA Board of D...

As I prepared to leave Boulder this morning, I was struck by the enormity of what I had just experienced, and humbled by the energy, efforts, and spirit of individuals and organizations that brought it all to life. We're not just talking about the efforts seen over the past week; this is effort that spans the last 18 to 24 months.

To the conference chairs, Jon Kolko and MJ Broadbent, we thank you for your vision and for creating and leading such an amazing conference team that brought it to life.

To the conference committee, we thank you for your efforts. Just listing you doesn't do justice to what you provided to us individually and collectively:

Andrew Polaine
Angel Anderson
Ben Fullerton
Dani Malik
David Fine
Erik Gibb
Jack Moffett
Josh Williams
Joshua Kaufmann
Kim Bieler
Laurie Lamar
Liz Danzico
Mark Schraad
Sherry Smith
Susan Dybbs

To our partners at Boulder Digital Works (BDW) at CU, we give thanks to Jenna Conlin, Caitlin Boyd, Nick Todd and all of the other staff and students who contributed to this great event. We thank the two project teams who provided the Denver airport concierge and X Marks the Spot shuttle service tracking.

To the 70 student volunteers from around the globe, we thank you for your energy, enthusiasm, and ongoing contributions througout the conference. Your presence is not only needed to support the conference, it is needed to demonstrate the good work happening at colleges and universities around the world with regard to interaction design. Thank you for sharing your time with the rest of us.

To our professional conference team from Conference & Logistics Consultants, Sherry Smith and Allison Perelli, we are forever grateful for your support and guidance throughout this experience. We couldn't have done it without you.

To our sponsors, we thank you for your presence and support, and we hope you gained as much value as the community has from you sharing your resources, time and efforts.

Thank you to our Diamond sponsor Microsoft Expression; our Gold sponsors Coroflot, EffectiveUI, and Adobe; our Bronze sponsors Cooper, Dell, Axure, Catalyst Group, and the UX group at Sears; and our recruiters, patrons and in-kind sponsors CP+B, Morgan Kaufman, HUGE, mad pow, Industrial Wisdom, Autodesk, Sapient Nitro, Meld Studios, SVA's MFA in Interaction Design, Rosenfeld Media, Johnny Holland, Phenomblue, CX Insights, Electronic Ink, Apogee, IQ Content, Balsamiq, Konigi, The Information Architecture Institute, UX Show & Tell, UX Bookclub, Infinity Plus One Consulting, Webgrrls international, and Speaker Rate.

To our workshop leaders, speakers and keynotes, thank you. By sharing a bit of yourself with this community, you have sparked the imagination, provided a renewed sense of energy for our professional work, and challenged us to do more and be more. Your thoughts will travel with us beyond the bounds of this conference, and we are grateful for what you have shared with us.

To the attendees... all of the people, roles, and activities above simply stand as a framework until you come into the picture. Thank you for bringing your energy, your wild imaginations, and your willingness to explore our work together. 

We look forward to sharing the videos from the conference with the broader community so we can extend the conversation beyond Boulder. We hope to see you in Dublin for Interaction|12! In the meantime, check out your local groups, regional conferences and the IxDA website.

All the best,

Janna DeVylder
President, IxDA
On behalf of the IxDA Board of Directors




16 Feb 2011 - 8:49am
Dave Malouf

I for one want to thank everyone as well. The conference went off w/o a hitch, which I know is no easy task.

Boulder was a wonderful host city and the program and experience was enjoyed by everyone.

Thank you all for creating this great event. I can't wait to share the small bits of content via video with the world and have the greater community join our stirring discourse on the past, present and future of our discipline.


- dave

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