Best practice for product alerts

18 Feb 2011 - 9:01am
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Graham Sear


Doing some work on signing up for product alerts, but having trouble finding any best practice documents around it. Does anyone have any resources on this?

At the moment this hasn't been scoped out at all, so methods of communication haven't been defined yet but I would expect this to include, email, and possibly Twitter and SMS if specified. Aside from basic personalisation rules for setting what you're contacted about, frequency etc, what are some best practice rules?

Two problems we have are:

  • Many items we sell are unique and can potentially sell out quickly. A scenario could involve being sent an email alert clicking through and seeing the product sold out - Not a terrible situation, our product gets sold and then we get a persuasive hit of content with scarcity. However, if this continues to happen then it will get annoying
  • Very broad product alerts. Could result in unspecified content and low hit rates.


So, how much of this should be fixed with customer input (what they want to receive) and how much from a design perspective?

Thanks in advance



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