Great agency portfolios and metrics?

18 Feb 2011 - 4:12pm
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does anyone have examples to share of great agency portfolios? I've found a lot of info in the archives about personal portfolios, but I'm interested in seeing what other companies are doing to promote their work. I'm not interested in really flashy, artsy portfolios - more about the data. what kinds of metrics are companies providing to show the value of their work? how are they telling their stories in compelling ways? thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Lacey Kruger
Senior Information Architect
Convio, Inc.


18 Feb 2011 - 7:05pm
Josh B Williams

What kind of metrics are you looking for? Here are some examples of good storytelling.

You can check out RG/A [1] they are an add agency that tells their story with videos about projects. They have a movie saying why they are the right agency, or showing how they approach application design.

Razorfish [2] is another huge add agency. If you look at offerings, they tell you about the types of projects they do and then a small story about why would need that. To the side there is links to related work.



21 Feb 2011 - 6:31pm

thanks for the suggestions!

to be a bit more specific about metrics, I'd like to see how agencies convey that each project was a success. Sure, the visuals and before/after shots can speak for themselves in many cases, but I'm looking to go beyond that. Maybe the new design resulted in an increase in sales or customer acquisition. Positive quotes from site visitors would even be nice to show. I'm looking to really message the impact of each project. IDEO does some good storytelling within their portfolio. any others like that out there?

Lacey Kruger

Sr. Information Architect, Convio

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