[SALE] sxsw interactive session tix (3)

3 Mar 2011 - 2:02am
5 years ago
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Michel Milano

due to some unexpected changes in our company, I have three (3) tickets for SXSW interactive that need new, loving homes. i thought someone here might find be interested.

what: these are for the Interactive portion
when: March 11-15.
price: $420 each (cheap).

note that the sxsw organization requires registration information, so we cant just scalp these over on 1st street.
they makes the transfer process more burdensome/annoying than it needs or should be,
but i will undertake to smooth that, and we will pay the exorbitant transfer fee.

i'd prefer to sell all three at once, but that isnt a strict requirement.

contact me directly if interested in one or three of the tix, and we can work out the transfer.

sorry - cant do anything about getting you a place to crash in austin, however. ;)

M. Milano


6 Mar 2011 - 10:59pm

I am interested. How can I get in touch with you directly?


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