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8 Mar 2011 - 1:02am
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IxDA Interactio...

The Interaction Awards need your help!

The Interaction Awards are IxDA's inaugural international Interaction Design awards, with selections being celebrated in Dublin in February 2012.

There are several opportunities for talented and motivated community members to be a part of the planning committee.  All Interaction Award committee members get a free registration to Interaction 12 in Dublin. Take a look at the roles below:

Marketing/PR Manager:  
Collaborates with Awards Committee chairs to execute PR strategy across multiple channels - email, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc.
Coordinates with Local Leaders chair and Regional Marketing Coordinators to ensure cultural relevance of marketing efforts and promote awards locally.
Liaisons with external PR agency.

Regional Marketing Coordinators (4):

Executes geographically-relevant marketing efforts.
Coordinates with local leaders to ensure cultural relevance of marketing efforts and promote awards locally.

    * Marketing/NAM
    * Marketing/EU
    * Marketing/APAC
    * Marketing/CSA

Sponsorship Coordinator
Collaborates with Awards Committee chairs and Sponsorship Manager to execute global sponsorship strategy.
Creates sponsorship materials.
Establishes sponsor relationships with targeted list of international companies

Project Manager / Project Coordinator:
Manages web design/development process.
Coordinates asset delivery for web site, promotional materials, and jury proceedings.
Coordinates logistics for Interaction 12 Awards Ceremony.

Visual Designer:
Creates brand identity, print and web design templates for awards materials.
Oversees extension of templates for individual/local use.

Estimated time commitment per role - average of 4-6 hours per week from now until Feb 2012.
(visual design may be a more sporadic role)

Let us know of your interest:

Any questions? Contact us at
Follow us @ixdawards

Thank you!

Jennifer Bove + Raphael Grignani

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