Correlation between UX, software training and customer support?

13 Mar 2011 - 10:26am
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Patricia Mourthé


Hello everyone,


Could anyone point me to research/white papers/metrics showing the correlation between adoption of UX in the development of enterprise software versus expenses with training and customer support? 

In a previous job, after we redesigned the interface of an online admin application, customer support calls related to the use of the redesigned application dropped, at least 30%, increasing customer satisfaction with the product. At that time we did not write a white paper on the topic and now, I’d like to compare this result with others in the indurstry, if possible. 

My assumption is that the more investment in UX during software development, expenses with training (for learning how to use that software/app) and customer support should decrease. 

If you have any info/experiences on that, I'd like to hear from you. Thank you. 


Patricia Mourthe

Interaction Designer 


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