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4 Apr 2011 - 6:21pm
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I need examples of user interfaces whose intent is to solicit customer feedback on changes in a beta web app. Once the customer logs on to our web app they will have the option to try the new beta version. When they switch from the beta site back to the production version we want to know why. Was their problems with certain features, too buggy, no time to play, do not like change, or loved it but have to get some real work done etc. We will then correlate this information with the time they spent in beta. I need examples of interfaces that have done the same. I have looked at the design patterns for social interfaces that use stars, thumbs up/down, Text Input or combination there of.  One of my concerns is if the user spends a fair amount of time in the beta version, when they exit - assuming its because they did not like something - they may not remember the areas they had issues with. Should we develop an extensive Information Architecture of categories for them to individually rate or would it be better to have the feedback interface on each functional area? Then again having this feedback dialog pop up in numerous places could cause the user to exit the beta site in annoyance. The best pattern I have found so far that I think we could adopt is the Yahoo Suggestion Board. A category dropdown allows you to select the area you want to leave a comment about. But this only allows the customer to choose one category and leave one comment.

Any ideas, suggestions would be welcome.


4 Apr 2011 - 6:52pm
Josh B Williams

The first thing that comes to mind is the microsoft send a smile [1] feature they had for the office 2010 beta. I like that it lets you send screenshots.


5 Apr 2011 - 9:50am

FedEx used this approach:

Basically, you used the site, and when the task was complete you could fill out the fairly granular form. Very static, but does not interfere with the task flow.

Windows Intune did it in a very similar way:

Note the dropdown for choosing "Feedback About"

These guys will sell you a plugin:

I would also recommend adding in Google Analytics into your info gathering - if possible, and if you aren't already doing it. Time on page stats, error stats, and so on can add to other info you gather to provide a more comprehensive understanding of what is occurring.

Hope that helps.



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