Mark as default in creation page

21 Apr 2011 - 4:18pm
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Suba Periyasami

Hi All,

I am working on a form design and have a related question. The design I am working on allows users to create multiple accounts. However, users should mark or check one account as their default account.  
I am providing a checkbox in the bottom of the form to mark an account  as a default. If an other account is already marked as default, I am telling them what the current default is & they can override if they want to.  They can also change the defaults in the main page that displays the list of accounts.  In the main page, its hidden under the actions menu. 
It seems like its an extra step for the users if they don't set it in the form creation page. My team would like to see how other web apps does this kind of interaction. 
Have you used or seen any similar examples for setting defaults in the form. If not, can you suggest best practices for this kind of interaction.


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