Research tools for mobile devices? (software & hardware)

25 Apr 2011 - 1:51pm
5 years ago
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Can anyone recommend any software/hardware that they have heard of, or have experience with, as far as conducting user testing on mobile devices, i.e., tablets and smartphones?

I am wondering what's out there and what seems to be well reviewed or popular.


John Terceman


27 May 2011 - 3:57pm

Hi John
At NN/g's recent Usability Week in Washington they discussed their setup - which was to use a document camera with a mat under the phone to capture the phone screen, a web camera to capture the user's face and Morae to capture and analyze the feeds. One of the participants also mentioned that there's software you can use with a jail-broken iPhone to capture the screen video.
Also to consider 

  • the lighting in the room where you record - don't want glare
  • your setup should allow the user to hold the phone in a natural manner and in both landscape and portrait
  • the user should be able to hide the phone screen when entering sensitive information
    • your setup should allow the user to see what the recording of their phone display looks like as they're undergoing the test
    • if you plan to mask out sensitive information instead you will need to mask both the fields and the onscreen keyboard (for touch devices)

Hope that helps.
- Erin Lester

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