Seek Advice for Changing career to IxD

27 May 2011 - 6:41am
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Hi All 

I seek your valuable insight, specific suggestions and opinions about a career path that I am thinking of. I have been a media communication/content professional for the last 10+ years. Specifically, I have been an Editor for a magazine (also oversaw Design, idea level), Assitant Direcor and Art Director for ad films and films and a TV show for CNN. Over the last 2 1/2 years i have worked as Broadcast Head and handled Concept & Strategy for Brand communication for the digital media. During this time I started getting more and more interested in creating interactive experiences. These could involve using online technology onto an offline medium or purely two digital media. - an interactive book, ipad app, an interactive experience of art in a musuem, etc... basically i love ideating and executing projects that will involve interaction in different media. In the same breath, I add that I am looking to coalsce my varying skills in the digital medium. 


  • Ideation for communication - digital to offline and vice versa 
  • Research 
  • Project Management 
  • Scripting / Producing / Direction
  • understanding print, tv, film, digital and mobile deeply 

I seek your advice on: 

  • I am in my mid 30s. Is it too late to change careers and get into interaction design? 
  • I am thinking of learning interaction design as a way to forward my interest in Interactive experience. Is this the right route?
  • Will Interaction Design leverage my current skills? 
  • With my current experience and skills, what can I take up to get to the above?
  • I HAVE NO experience in Interaction design nor education. Do i need to study it? 
  • After studying it what kind of jobs would be available to me? 
  • What kind of certificate programs or degree courses would be best for someone like me? Especially those that do not ask for portfolio. 

Awaiting help from all you guys out there. Please shed light and help me get some clarity. 

Thank you all. 





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