Firefox 4 insta-hate

9 May 2011 - 8:40am
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Anyone know a way to roll back from Firefox 4? It does not seem to fix the horrid memory leaks and process malfeasance that Firefox 3 suffered from and from an interaction perspective it's awful.

In just the first few minutes: - it comes up ugly. Looks like a throwback to the 1980s. I'm guessing there are skins or appearances or themes or whatever I could load but at least give me something to start with. Plus, how about a clue where these things are? Contrast with WinAmp that has a bazillion looks/feels but if you do nothing it still comes up with a decent visual aesthetic.

  • where did my navigation history go? I've got big (ugly) buttons for back/forward but damned if I can find out how to jump back to a specific point in my browsing trail. Browsing history doesn't do it - that seems to be for the whole application and I just want to go back six steps on this page without having to click six times. Note that some pages force redirects so you CAN'T just go back one page at a time. That's not Firefox's fault, but making it so I can't escape certainly is their fault. (Half an hour later I figure out by accident that the navigation history is on the right-button menu. I can't wait to try this on a Mac... not.)

  • managing add-ons is a nightmare. When you click Add-ons you no longer get a nice pop-up, it's a new tab for "Get Add-Ons." I don't want to get add-ons, I want to manage the ones I have. Hunt hunt hunt. Wait, what's this thing called "extensions"? Oh. Those are add-ons that are already installed. Apparently in Firefox land, add-ons are like space rocks. Out there they're meteors (add-ons) but once they land they change names to meteorites (extensions).

Thirty-five minutes with this thing and I want to pitch it out the window. I'm reminded of an old Jared Spool story from a usability test he did once that had users so frustrated they literally threw the floppy disks out of their cubes (yes, floppy disks - told you it was an old story).

Failing that, anyone got a pointer to an ad-block for Chrome? Really, Adblock Plus is the only thing keeping me on Firefox now.

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