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19 May 2011 - 10:53am
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Please disregard my last email. Thanks, Rob

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I think this is meant for Rob Koch.

Thanks, Rob

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Hi Rob, 

I just wanted to follow up with one thing from my first point, about the lack
of constraints around UI design (especially web). I think that advances in
web technologies have led us away from a strong central trend towards almost
anything being capable. Take this site for example (a link from a Smashing
Mag article - make sure you scroll down!): [1]

It's a really interesting design, and full of neat technology.  Creative?
Yes.  Usable? Intuitive?  Not so much.  The point is that the technology
has opened the door for the designer to do almost anything, which is exactly
what's happening. 

I agree with Jack that the UIs are becoming more connected, richer and
dynamic. But I'm not really seeing that much of an impact on the IA/Design,
as you had asked about in your original post. Yes, they are becoming richer
too.  But not always in a good way, as we can see from the link above.
 From my perspective, the current advances in technology seem to be
outstripping the ability of the UX folks ability to keep pace in many ways. 


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