Patterns and examples for mixed-media galleries

6 Jun 2011 - 9:28pm
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Joe Sokohl

Hi all,

Looking for examples of good ways to include ways to display different types of media. I'm thinking of a repository that shows podcasts, video, downloadable documents, and perhaps other media types. 


  • I've looked at how iTunes does it--basically a separate area for media types, even on search. It groups items by type, and allows for minimal horizontal scrolling, with a link to a more detailed results page.
  • Netflix operates similarly, but it uses a horizontal carousel approach to delivering information.
  • uses explicit categorization to access podcasts. It identifies videocasts from podcasts by an icon. Interesting approach.
  • takes an approach that, once you select a video, you enter the "stream" of video, autoplaying the next one.
Still, I'm interested in two things:
  1. Are there better examples? Are there better patterns to consider?
  2. From a heuristic standpoint, are these galleries even useful, or should the content simply be part of the overarching topic? Do people really look for collections of "multimedia" (a dated term if there ever was one) content?
Of course, user research will help answer this question. Just looking for your thoughts and experience.


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