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10 Jun 2011 - 11:01am
5 years ago
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Thank you all for coming, it was great to finally meet you all! We had a nice mix of people based in UX, Interaction design, visual design, mass communication and media, human computer interation and focused on things like data visualization, game design, and robotics. (comment if I'm missing any of you! :) )

It was very refreshing to speak with others who share the same pain points, and rejoice around successful usability studies ;-)

I'd like to keep this going through the summer and although a few people were unable to attend, Thursday seems to be a good day for a social.

The next social will be held in July at a different location.

Suggestions included 1. Brocach 2. Sardine 3. Capital Brewery

Other ideas?

Thanks again everyone, I'm thrilled to start this community!







10 Jun 2011 - 12:05pm
Moses Wolfenstein

One other suggestion I'd offer (during the non-winter months) is the Memorial Union Terrace.
Technically you're supposed to be a union member to buy beer there, but they don't always check and a couple of us who work for some part of UW System have the appropriate ID cards.
Oh, also the Ale Asylum brewery has a pretty nice pub. The beer is generally better than Capital, but Capital definitely has the awesome facilities. 

Twitter: @mosesoperandi

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