Announcing Suzanne EL-Moursi as Chair of Interaction|13

17 Jun 2011 - 11:06am
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IxDA Board of D...

Dear all,

On behalf of IxDA's Board of Directors, it is with great pleasure that we announce Suzanne EL-Moursi, Creative Director at SapientNitro in Chicago, as Chair of Interaction|13, to be held in North America in February 2013. Suzanne's vision, expertise and experience inspired us, and we look forward to working with her to bring an amazing event to life.

This is the first time IxDA has had an open call for Chair of the Interaction conference, and we were overwhelmed by the response and quality of applicants. Putting together an Interaction conference is no small task, and IxDA is striving to identify Interaction Chairs at least 20 months in advance. Thank you again to all who raised their hands for this important task.

Suzanne will now be leading the way as we put out an open call for Interaction|13's North American host city soon.

Welcome, Suzanne! IxDA is honored to have you in this role.

Janna DeVylder
President, IxDA

Learn more about Suzanne:

Suzanne EL-Moursi is a Digital Strategist and User Experience thought leader who specializes in the design of compelling multi-channel user experiences by first applying dynamic design research methodologies that investigate the unique social and cultural aspects of end user segments. Through her unique approach to gaining insight and greater intelligence about how people live, work and play, she drives the conceptualization and design of innovative products and service offerings that fulfill the aspirations and unmet needs of consumers. Her passion lies within planning and executing design research initiatives, which reveal insights into customer behavior, aspirations, unarticulated needs and expectations that inform product design, Brand messaging, and greater social impact of the customer experiences. Suzanne is a seasoned designer with a strong business acumen who is a believer and advocate of the interplay between design teams and other functions within the organization, R&D, marketing and strategy groups, to drive greater competitive advantage for corporate growth strategies from a collective and multi-dimensional view.

Suzanne is an Interaction Designer by training and holds a Master's degree in User Experience Design & Human-Computer Interaction. Her graduate research focused on designing multilingual experiences and interactive digital interfaces for users who speak a non-Latin language and English. Since that time, Suzanne has worked for a variety of international corporations, in design strategy positions, including IBM Global Services, HSBC Global Bank, University of Chicago - NORC, GE Healthcare, on a variety of international projects leading multiple multi-disciplinary teams in Africa, Middle East, and Europe.

Recently, Suzanne held the position of Principal Designer, within the Global Design team at GE Healthcare, which serves as an internal design group tasked with transforming and advancing the next generation of healthcare business strategies and the global healthcare product portfolio through deep understanding of the human user journeys (patient, physician, nurse) as they engage with complex healthcare ecosystems.

Currently, Suzanne is a Creative Director with SapientNitro, leading the Chicago Studio Experience Design team for a diverse portfolio of world class client brands in the automotive, telecommunications, & financial services industries. In this role, Suzanne and her team collaborate with clients brands to define their digital strategies and design award winning products and service offerings that deliver meaningful and valuable brand moments, build brand equity and deliver social good to the marketplace. Additionally, Suzanne is the Global User Experience Lead with SapientNitro's Financial Services Center of Excellence, which is a leading think tank for the world's notable banks, financial services companies and unique startups. In this role, she advises and consults on trends in social commerce and digital innovations that are transforming digital financial solutions and the way consumer behavior has shifted to new engagement paradigms.

Suzanne is also a notable lecturer and Adjunct Faculty teaching graduate level courses on Innovation Strategy, User-Centered Design, Digital Media & Design, and Design Research at two leading universities in Chicago: IIT Institute of Design and DePaul University. She is a frequent speaker at external conferences and is a strong believer in giving back to the community by sharing learnings from work and personal journeys, enabling a stronger design community. Suzanne is currently a student herself as a second year student at University of Chicago's prestigious Booth School of Business completing her Executive MBA with a concentration on Strategy and Finance, graduating in March 2012. She is a proud Egyptian and is fluent in Arabic and English, raised in Cairo and came to the USA for University education. Suzanne characterizes herself "with Egyptian roots and American wings" striving to build bridges of understanding between the Middle East and the American cultures by being a bridge herself. She lives in Chicago and is married to Dr. Bassel Ericsoussi who is from Damascus, Syria.


17 Jun 2011 - 3:05pm
Carol J. Smith

Congratulations Suzanne and IxDA!  Suzanne is an excellent choice to lead Interaction|13!


Carol J. SmithLead Consultant, Midwest Research, LLC
Twitter: @carologic

18 Jun 2011 - 9:41am

Thank you to the IxDA board for giving me the opportunity to serve an organization that I deeply respect, love and owe some "social good" back to for all the years  IxDA has helped me grow in my professional career. It is quiet an exciting time for the greater design profession and specifically the Interactive Design community. The world has been and continues to change at a pace that is really mind blowing in ways that we didn't quiet fully predict a short while back. Humans all around the world are rising up with a loud voice communicating their aspirations, dreams, and needs, reminding us that our profession does touch them deeply and daily via all the experiences we envision, design and deliver to them. We have heard the terms "Social Revolution, Social Impact, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Currency and Social Good" used to describe many facets of the era we now live in. What does this mean to the design profession? How does it transform what we do every day as part of our job or hobbies? And most importantly how can we leave our best and biggest foot print on the world ensuring that the designs we envision and deliver have the greatest value to humanity..shaping this current wave of human evolution and technology ?

My vision for Interaction | 13 is to bring the global design community together to collaborate on and discuss design as a driver for Social Good , which to me personally means "Design with a reason, impact and a long lasting foot print that empowers people all over the world to fulfill their aspirations, faster than any other time in history."

I look forward to meeting all of you and working with you to hear all your socially impactful stories , dreams and quests!"


Suzanne H. EL-Moursi

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