All postal service apps look and do the same (No major difference)

22 Jun 2011 - 4:32am
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Ali Naqvi


a customer (major postal service) wants to develop apps for their major B2B-, minor B2B- and B2C customers.

These applications (both online and mobile) should help its users with the tracking of packages etc but also provide a user experience that may enable them to be the leading postal service. 

From the research done so far on postal services in the US, Oceania and Europe I can conclude that all apps do the same. You can track your packages, scan your packages, find information about post office locations and prices. There is nothing extraordinary on one app that could make it unique.

There is the third party application though, such as where a user can track any package from any of the major postal services in the US. 

I have a presentation early next week and would like to get hold of any presentation (power point, PDF etc) that deals with postal service apps.

Any presentation on similarities and differences etc. would be very much appreciated since it COULD be that I may have missed something crucial.




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