7 Most Up-To-Date Web Design Trends

4 Jul 2011 - 7:04am
5 years ago
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victoria vizualtech

Web design never stays the same, so if you don’t want to trail behind, you should take into account these newest web design trends.

1. HTML5 and CSS3

These technologies were long waited for and now they are implemented in all up-to-date websites. If you wish your website to become really popular and give you income, than you surely need to use these technologies. Top specialists say, that soon enough HTML5 and CSS3 would become web standards, so don’t delay till it’s late – start using them today.

2. Simple Colors in Design

Black, white and even grey are rarely used today. The top colors in this season are green, red and yellow. Such colors look fresh, attract attention to your message and can never become borrowing. But the main thing with bright colors is not to use more than two or three at a time. In today’s web design shades are also widely used.

3. Mobile Web Design

Creating a separate mobile version of your site is no more popular or effective. With the wide spread of different mobile gadgets web design has to become crossplatform. More and more people are now able to view a full version of the site from their gadgets, so your site really needs to be crossplatform if you don’t want to loose half of your customers. And don’t forget, the sales of these gadgets only increase with time, so it’s better to prepare now.

4. Web Design for Touch Screen

Tocuh screen is widely used today – it is in all notebooks, to say nothing of netbooks, tablets and smartphones. And it has to be taken into account when creating a web design today. The main issue that there is no hovering with touch screen. So you should think how people using touch screens will notice your links and your pull down menu. Remember if you want to be up-to-date and make your site popular you have to thing about all these questions in advance, or ask your web designer, if you are clever enough to use professional services of a web design company for your web site.

5. 3D

It’s really a top trend today. After the astonishing popularity of 3D movies, 3D technologies are now being implemented in all spheres of life, and web design is not an exception. 3D effects can make your site look far more interesting and attract extra attention.

6. Huge backgrounds

With the development of internet most of the users now have a quick internet connection that allows to use big photo backgrounds for your advantage. Such photos should of course have some meaning and be connected to the theme of your website, but on the whole they grab the attention and make many users stay on your website longer.

7. Google Previews

With the appearance of Google preview option in search results, the design of the site’s main page became even more important. Now you should make your home page so, that users go to your site after the first glance. So it should be interesting and attract attention. But try not to use flash design, because Google previews doesn’t display flash. If you still think you need flash elements, and you can’t use HTML5 instead, than just make sure that your site looks good even when they aren’t displayed. And never forget, most of the users won’t wait long till your website loads.

So, whenever creating a new website, or making a redesign of the old one, keep in mind these top trends. This will surely help you to have an attractive and popular website.


5 Jul 2011 - 10:05am

I'll admit that whenever I see the word "trends" the cynic in me steps foward... so with that disclaimer, this list seems a bit vacuous. Top colors today are red, green, and yellow? Really?
I think this is the wrong list to be posting something so superficial.


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