Announcing the call for proposals to host Interaction|13 in North America

7 Jul 2011 - 8:42am
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Posted on behalf of Suzanne EL-Moursi, Chair of Interaction|13:

I am pleased to formally open the Call for Proposals for North American cities interested in hosting the Interaction|13 conference - the annual conference of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) - to be held in February 2013.

As with previous conferences we are seeking to co-host Interaction with a design school with a strong focus on interaction design, and this will mark the second occasion, with Dublin being first, on which local interaction design communities have been given the opportunity to make a case for the conference to be held in their city.

Interaction|12 will take the conference to Europe for the first time. We're looking forward to being in Dublin, Ireland in February 2012 and will be co-hosted by IADT, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology.

Since its inception in 2008, Interaction has grown to be a significant and must-attend event for design professionals interested in the practice and discipline of interaction design. This year's event -- held in Boulder, Colorado in conjunction with the University of Colorado's Boulder Digital Works -- attracted a sell-out crowd of 620 people from around the world and a wait-list numbering in the hundreds.

The requirements for proposals are outlined below, along with a summary of the submission guidelines, timing, review and selection process.

Should you have any questions about the process, the requirements, or the conference itself, please send an email to or reply to this thread. All questions relating to clarification of information surrounding this Call will be responded to publicly.

I look forward to your submissions, and to seeing all of you at Interaction|13!

Suzanne EL-Moursi
Conference Chair, Interaction|13

Timing for submissions
    •    All submissions are required no later than midnight GMT 1 September, 2011
    •    Review will take place between 2 September and 14 September, 2011
    •    Shortlist of locations will be presented to IxDA Board by 15 September, 2011
    •    Final selection of location for Interaction|13 will be made on 20 September, 2011

Each proposal will be acknowledged via email to confirm receipt within the deadline.

Selection Criteria & Submission Requirements
The Interaction conference is a significant undertaking. The successful proposal will be able to demonstrate:
    •    Partnership with a design school with a strong interaction design program at undergraduate and graduate level;
    •    A location that is convenient for attendees arriving internationally
    •    Venues capable of seating 600+ people theatre-style; three smaller rooms capable of seating 200 people each; and 6-8 rooms suitable for small sessions and workshops
    •    A selection of hotels near to the conference venue(s) at various prices and quality to suit the range of needs of conference attendees (i.e from 3-star to 5-star accommodation) -- please include standard room rates as of time of proposal
    •    A plan for providing robust Internet access (wi-fi) for attendees at all conference venues and events

Support from the co-host design school in terms of:
    •   Student participation (as on-the-ground ambassadors before and during the conference)
    •   A strong and vibrant local design community
    •   Potential venues for conference events and receptions
    •   Planning & logistics around the conference
    •   A/V (equipment and staff)
    •   Catering
    •   A summary of the process by which the submission was created

Benefits to the Host Community
Hosting the Interaction|13 conference will bring the world's interaction design community to you. It will expose your local designers to the leading thinkers and practitioners in interaction design in personal, face-to-face encounters that you usually have to travel to experience. It also provides you with an opportunity to showcase your local talents to the world, through events like the local design challenge, student competition, Interaction Awards, exhibition, and other conference events.

Benefits to the Co-Host Design School
Benefits to co-hosting the Interaction conference include:

    * Recruitment of your students. Many of the 600 professionals in attendance are in Director-level positions at leading creative agencies and Fortune 500 companies, and are in a position to hire. This creates an opportune time for a recruitment event for your students. The design consultancies represented at Interaction|11 included Crispin Porter+Bogusky, EffectiveUI, Huge, Hot Studio, SapientNitro, Mad*Pow, Cooper, Catalyst Group, and more.
    * Research partnerships. Companies in attendance at the Interaction|11 conference included Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, Autodesk, Axure, Sears, Rosenfeld Media, Morgan Kaufmann and many more, illustrating the ability for faculty/corporate research cooperatives and other relationship building.
    * Promotion of your graduate programs. A great number of the attendees at the Interaction conference seek higher education in design, business, and other disciplines; this creates an ideal opportunity to promote graduate degrees.
    * Media exposure. The popularity of the conference reaches beyond the participants' sphere of digital influence. Global media partners promoting Interaction11 -- before, during, and after the event -- included Coroflot/Core77, JohnnyHolland, and WebGrrls International.

IxDA is willing to work with the successful school to create a strong branded presence of the school’s offerings at our conference; this may take the form of a workshop, a recruiting event, portfolio reviews, or other unique events intended to connect the university with the attendees in a meaningful way.

Submission Format
Submissions should be sent via email to Acceptable formats include:
    •    Powerpoint/Keynote
    •    Word/Pages
    •    PDF
    •    Video
    •    Self-contained (i.e. executable) presentations (e.g. Flash, HTML)

If submitting a multimedia/video presentation, please provide a written summary addressing the key criteria for selection.

Each submission should clearly indicate the contact person for the proposal.

We look forward to your submissions! All questions should be sent to

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