Most efficient tools for a large UX production environment

7 Aug 2011 - 6:37am
5 years ago
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Neil Simpson

I'm currently reviewing best/most efficient tools for a large UX production environment and would be interested in hearing experiences from other UXers who have been down this well worn path before.

The ideal solution for me would be one single tool that:

1. Generates greyscale wires (with a good widget library)
2. Outputs them in semi decent html for testing
3. Lets designers work out of the same file so they can switch out elements
4. Has a built in team review tool
5. Generates standard functional specifications to the standard of Axure and Omnigraffle

Whilst Axure gets a lot of points as a quick and easy prototyping industry standard, Fireworks also ticks a lot of boxes. The Adobe suite is obviously appealing but up-skilling staff and contractors becomes an important consideration.

Does anyone have any advice for the (near) perfect production tool suite?


23 Aug 2011 - 9:30am

If you have not yet fully chosen prototyping tool, I highly recommend to try the GUI Machine prototyping tool. It allows to create clickable, interactive hi-fi prototypes of desktop, web application and sites without coding. It works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

More information about this tool you can find at product website. You can also watch created in the GUI Machine prototype video presentation here  and here.

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