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9 Aug 2011 - 5:09am
5 years ago
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Hello Everyone :D

I was wondering which is the best way to start with Interaction Desing (learn principle, tools and build a solid curriculum). Two years ago I've graduated in Arts and Scienze of ShowBiz and now I'm about to finish a master in 3D Animation. During this course I've learned basics of software like Max/Msp and Processing. It was a shocking surprise who opened a new world (live performance, users interaction etc...). After some research on internet I've found interaction design who seems a very complex and new discipline with all the "good stuff" I've enjoyed in live installation plus real application. Cutting to the chase, I was wondering if:

1) 27 years are too much to begin with this work (I know that It's never to late but the employers really like this philosophy?)

2) you can start a career whituout a specific academic background

3) books on this subject are a good way to start (if you want you can suggest titles and authors)

4) there are good course online

5) the market is growing and is worth the efforts

6) there is a specific way to create a portfolio or solidi curriculum

Thanx :D


20 Aug 2011 - 4:06pm
Donna Fritzsche

Hello, My 5th grade (brainiac) nephew has asked me to teach him to program. I thought a good place to start might be Lego/Mindstorms NXT 2.0 . (He has already programmed computer games with a wizard (his words) in a summer camp and wants to do "real programming".)

I have always wanted to program a lego robot/widget. With its 619 pieces (includes sensors and motors), the new Color Sensor, two Touch Sensors and an Ultrasonic Sensor, I thought this would be a fun place to start. This might also be a great way for Interaction Designers to get some hands-on coding experience.

My question to the group. Can anyone suggest some possible next steps (beyond investing in the kit). I know objective-C and Lisp fairly well. Could pretty easily learn logo and java.

Thanks for any suggestions that would help me and my nephew learn in this new interactive environment!

  • Donna
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