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19 Aug 2011 - 3:02am
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It's time to celebrate our achievements as interaction designers. It's time for us demonstrate that the work we do is impactful, it's everywhere and it is absolutely necessary in designing the best products, systems and services.  IxDA is proud to have added the Interaction Awards as a new platform for us to celebrate our discipline, and reflect amazing work back out beyond our communities to the broader design and business communities.

I encourage you to take pride in the work you've done and submit it for consideration to the IxDA Interaction Awards. Encourage your colleagues. Encourage your design communities.  Here's your chance to shine a global light on the good work happening in your area of the world. We're extending the deadline until September 22, so you have few more weeks to submit your work! Please enter the awards by Thursday, September 22nd.


IxDA began in 2003 as a way to bring together a community of like-minded professionals who were committed to advancing the discipline of interaction design together. It began simply, as an email discussion group; it has since grown to much more. We have kept the mission of advancing the discipline core to our existence. We realized that the way we do this best is to continue to let the community define and guide, and the organization will provide the platforms on which the community can gather to do just that.

We have progressed and added new platforms over the years out of community need and desire, moving from the mailing list, to local groups, to the conference. The Interaction Awards has the greatest potential for widespread global impact on how interaction design is perceived by the broader business and design community.  The belief in this impact is deep, demonstrated by the involvement of the international jury led by Robert Fabricant and the sponsorship we've received.

This isn't just about putting an award on the company shelf; it's about demonstrating beyond our walls for the betterment of the discipline and the expansion of the work available to us as a profession.

Share your successes with us! September 22nd is soon upon us.  Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at awards@ixda.org.


Coming soon: We are thrilled to soon share the sponsorship of the IxDA Interaction Awards!

Janna DeVylder
President, IxDA 


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