Interaction South America'11: Call for interactive art

1 Sep 2011 - 9:50am
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Last days to submit your work.

INTERACTIVE ART Call for Papers for Art and Demos Interactive Exhibition

The Committee of Art and Demos Interactive Exhibition invites you to submit to this event, interactive and performative artwork.

Objectives The Art and Demos Interactive Exhibition makes room for works of art, conceptual projects and functional prototypes. Entries must present critical and rich content, and the use of interaction.

Works of Installation, performance or products in demo/concept phase will be accepted. Professionals from different fields are welcome to participate.

Links Call for Art and Demos Interactive Exhibition Instructions for authors Template for submission of papers Submiss√£o de trabalhos Selection Criteria Relevance: The work must have critical content, relevant and / or provocative. Interactivity: It is necessary that the work involves some form of interactivity, whether digital or analog. Creativity: inventiveness and innovation are an essential part of the selection criteria. Execution: The completion and care in presenting the work. The work need to be presentable to the public stage. Limitations: The work must be within the possibilities of spatial and temporal environmental event. Submissions The artwork and demo must be submitted in two parts:

An article of up to 10 pages. A link to videos hosted on the Internet (YouTube or Vimeo) with a maximum duration of up to 5 minutes. The link should be included in the article. Other details about the submission process can be found at:

Submissions will be accepted only in PDF format. Instructions for authors are available at:

Submitted articles must not contain any information written on the initial page or body text. The work will be evaluated by the Art Interactive, which will assess according to criteria mentioned above, the feasibility of the work presented.

Topics of Interest The event aims to provide businesses and the general public the most relevant studies in the academy developed related (but not restricted to) the following topics:

Facilities Robotics Interaction via sensors and actuators Tangible and embodied interaction Architectural pieces Wearable computing Important Dates Submission of papers: until September 4, 2011 Notification to authors: 31 October 2011 Proposal for assembly and presentations: November 15, 2011 Realization of the presentations: December 3, 2011 Contact For more information about the event, location and facilities, please contact us via e-mail

For more information on submission formats, interactive presentations and performative artwork or cases market, contact us via e-mail

Committee for Art Interactive Demos Prof. Koji Pereira Chairman of the Art and Demos Interactive Exhibition South America 2011

Marcos Paulo Machado Vice-Chairman of the Art and Demos Interactive Exhibition South America 2011

SPONSORS Be part of the history of Interaction South America 2011, the third edition of the main south american Interaction Design event, and show your brand to more than 10 thousand people all around the world.

Make contact: | Download our Media Kit: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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