Really need some advice about Domus Academy in Italy, accepted by the IxD program

9 Sep 2011 - 12:18pm
2 years ago
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I'm  a web designer in US and I want to be an IX/UX designer and work in a company that values IX/UX.

I took part in an interaction design competition held by Domus Academy in Italy. The prize is the admission for the the Master in Interaction Design January 2012 Intake with scholarship. I didn't win the prize but they said my project received a positive assessment and I have been considered eligible for the admission. The program is taught in English.

So here comes the question, I took part in this competition without thinking that my project was any good and this really surprised me. I was gonna apply for some IxD/HCI programs in US for Fall 2012 admission (CMU, UW, IUB...). The US programs application will start in November and the results won't come out until March/April. Therefore, if I choose the Italy program, I won't have any chances with the US programs but I will graduate earlier because it's an 1-year program and most US programs take 2 years. However, if I give up this chance, there is no guarantee that I can be accepted by the US programs, which may lead to a no-no situation. All programs in Italy and US look good to me and the Italy program is actually cheaper even without the scholarship. It's really hard to compare different programs, especially in this case, in different country.

Any one here know about the IxD program of Domus Academy?
Any advice would be great!
I'll really appreciate for your help!



13 Oct 2013 - 11:53pm

1101 reads and no reply to this question! Although 2 years later, I'm pretty much in the exact same situation...

I took part in the Domus Academy competition and got 2nd prize, entitling me to 50% scholarship for the Master in Interaction Design program (50% of 23,790 Euros = 11,895 Euros). However, I'm worried if the program will really help me make my career in the Interaction Design field. And there are very few/no reviews on the internet about Domus Academy's program, which makes me all the more worried.

I contacted a few alumni of the program, and one replied saying that the program is less about technical skills and more about design process, less about theory and more about practicality (comparing with programs in the US).

So, repeating liusquare's question, anyone here know about/attended/recommend the IxD program of Domus Academy? (liusqaure what was your final decision? Was it the right one?)

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