UX Bootcamp: Prototyping in Code (London, UK)

26 Sep 2011 - 10:39am
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Leisa Reichelt


Want to make better prototypes? Wish you could make your own prototypes in code but can never find the time or motivation to get skilled up? Welcome to UX Bootcamp.

UX Bootcamp is an extremely hands on, intensive program designed to help you break the back of the learning curve so that you can apply your new skills immediately and have an ongoing program to improve ability even further – which is all the more fun once you’ve mastered the basics.

We want to help you develop the skills to start making the stuff you design.

Held over two days (with an optional first day of ‘code fitness’ for novices) the program has been designed to ensure less yammering, more hammering – meaning that you learn by doing – actually coding real projects and working with mentors who are brilliant at the code stuff, excellent at teaching what they know and passionate about helping us make better prototypes to improve the user experience of the web and beyond.

Tickets are limited and available now.

Find out more here: www.uxbootcamp.org

Read the debrief from our first ever Prototyping in Code Bootcamp held in July

Feel free to contact me with any questions!



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