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29 Sep 2011 - 1:03pm
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I had thought I had accidentally sent the below before I was finished. But I hadn't. So here it is. 

I have been lurking on this list for some time and have decided to break cover. I am not a designer , I couldn't code my way out of a paper bag (well , maybe if it was LOGO and the old turtle was armed with a blade of some kind) and I really am a total neophyte I this field. To explain why I have been a -lurkin' might take a bit. Bear with me.

I am a doctor , working in St Lukes hospital in Kilkenny. My full time job is clinical work and as you can imagine fairly busy. I am also a visiting fellow at the dept of medical education in ucc. I worked in ucd for a while and still have the email address as you can see.

While in ucd I was involved in medical education - one specific area being developing elearning modules. An example of what we did is here

To cut a long story short , I would have reservations about the validity and educational robustness of many of the studies of medical  eLearning . Many studies are piecemeal and superficial, basically . In early 2010 I came across the EC's Future and eMerging Technology ICT Flagship project. These are supposed to be massive, multinational projects - Which are supposed to grab the public imagination along the lines of putting a  man on the moon or the Human Genome Project. Anyway, I saw the online form as a chance to put some of my nascent thoughts on this whole field together. To my surprise I was asked to Brussels to present at a workshop - you can seen the presentation here -

The advice from the workshop was to think bigger and to synergise. "If you could conceivably pitch your proposal to another call, it's too small" was the mantra.

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