Content Customization

13 Oct 2011 - 2:06pm
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We are in the early stages of considering a customization approach for a sports news/entertainment site. The customization tools wouldn't be as robust as something like iGoogle (where you modify the actual UI alongside of the content), but more along the lines of having content for the types of sports, teams, and contributors you love most display in a more prominent manner (and not completely removing all other content - meaning some content would be fixed, some is customizable). I'm looking for some research, statistics, and personal opinion on customization of websites. Is it a cop-out for not making a solid default design? Is it worth it to build it if it only caters to a small percentage of the overall user base for the site? Does it build loyalty and increase engagement? I've found a couple Forrester reports, but everything is a little out dated.


Katie Pula

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