Finding the right fit?

6 Nov 2011 - 3:53pm
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Perhaps slightly of topic and considering its my first ever post to ixda I apologies if it is.

So my dilemma is this. I am a "creative" type that has been working in media for about 8 years. I started off in college with 4yrs training in Media and Communications, worked as a video editor, did a lot of freelance design work, found myself getting into streaming video, worked in Malaysia then moved to Dubai and have ended up in Norway. During which I have grown into a sort of "Digital Media Product Manager" with a healthy passion for design, UI, innovation, business development and product creation. All of which is centered around video and the multiple screens we consume it on (apps on mobile, tablet, stb, connected TV's etc)

In my quest to find more suitable companies, agencies or whatever to work for I now face the problem of not knowing

1, Who should I be trying to get a job with?

2, What title I should go for and stay that I am?

3, Where do I find these openings? 

Here is my LinkedIn url

If you have any advise, thoughts or feedback I would be very appreciative of your feedback. 


- Owen


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