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16 Dec 2011 - 3:07pm
4 years ago
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Xavier Veyrat

Since this place is dedicated to improving all of our skills, I think I will take the right to promote an App I have been working on because it might save a lot of time to anyone who is starting a mobile application. As most of you already know, the mobile space is growing at a fast pace and delivering top quality mockup to clients and developers is more than ever crucial. The point is simple, design is not anymore only graphics, looking at the interaction design is going way beyond this and must integrate the project approach to get the right mix. Idea, icon, mockup, info on the store (name, keywords, etc...) and the pricing. Today you have to look at every piece of information in a dedicated format; jpeg or png for the icon and the mockup (no interactivity), word for the name, keywords, etc..., excel for the pricing and a simple notepad for the idea. We thought this was not efficient at all and this is where our App is solving this brilliantly. App Cooker gathers all those information in a beautiful and easy-to-use interface that let's you mockup mobile application way beyond what you can with any tool on the market today.

Let me be clear, my objective is not to sell the product. I want to show the community of interaction designers that our approach is the good one because more than 90% of our users are satisfied or very satisfied with App Cooker and this, ladies and gentlemen, is something you might find interesting. At least, just have a look on the web, google "App Cooker" and you will have more information.

Please let us be more project oriented so we can set great basis for the future of prototyping! After the UI and the UX, here comes the "UC", the user context is going to be the next big thing and this will be only achieved through a more integrated way of thinking mobile applications.


19 Dec 2011 - 10:55am

Thanks for sharing. Looks like a really nice tool to capture user context. User context on mobile is really hard to get with paper prototyping and Wizard of Oz techniques.

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