Creating Your Own Design Patterns

20 Dec 2011 - 9:57am
4 years ago
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Hi all - I am a UX designer whose recently been given responsibility for getting our design pattern library up to speed. Can anyone recommend a researched based design patter library - similar to the publication - but newer and more comprehensive. Looking to spend some money, or get what I can for free. Any leads would be much appreciated!!


22 Dec 2011 - 2:56am
Yohan Creemers
22 Dec 2011 - 5:31am

If you're looking for mobile design patterns, Nokia library and Theresa Niel's site are good resources

Also, "Designing Mobile Interfaces" by Steven Hoober is pretty exhausive  

22 Dec 2011 - 11:04am
Julie Blitzer

Try the Modular Web Design book from Nathan Curtis:

I've recently been doing a similar project (but building library from the ground up, not maintaining) and this book has been a pretty good resource, as have the aforementioned libraries. The most useful part of the book is when Curtis explains how to decide which  "components" merit their own library entries and how to assess which are most valuable to your team.

It's a really good idea to engage your engineering/development team in this process as well. Our entries are going to have information and analysis related to UX as well as coding.

Note that creating your own library is a very time consuming and involved project. To do it at a level so that it will be useful to your team down the road requires a lot of work both on the project itself and getting others in your office on board.


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