Part-time/Flexible HCI/IxD courses

18 Jan 2012 - 7:05pm
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Hello everyone,

I'm very interested in interaction/UX design that I'd like to do this full time. After reading books like "About Face", "What makes them click", "Why we love or hate everyday things"..etc I started developing solutions for issues I had in mind, with the purpose of practicing design in general. 

To work in this field full time, I was advised to enroll in a program. However, I'd like to keep my full time job in Dublin while studying.

My question is: would you know of any reputable programs that offer courses related to Interaction Design on a part-time/flexible basis? (HCI, Digital Interaction Design, Interactive Media..).

There only seems to be one program in Ireland at the university of Lemerick, but that's only offered full time.

I'm open to travel to other neighboring countries (UK/Switzerland/Germany..) if they offer relevant courses in English and don't require weekly attendance (traveling there once a month is acceptable though).

Thanks a lot,


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