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19 Jan 2012 - 12:05am
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Michal Kopec

Designer Founders: stories by designers of tech startups, is a non-profit book of 35+ rare personal interviews with founders from various design backgrounds who have started companies like YouTube, FeedBurner, AirBnB, About.Me, Pinterest, TypeKit, Path and more listed here:

Why care? "A society gets what it celebrates."
Building and leading tech startups needs to become a regular part of what being a designer can mean.
1) More role models are needed to INSPIRE generations of designers to create tech startups with meaningful impact
2) More case studies are needed to EDUCATE entrepreneurial designers
3) We need funding to make the book and distribute it FREELY to students worldwide

How to help? Back us by Jan 22
Backing us on Kickstarter will enable us to make our book and then give it away to students worldwide for free:

See previews of interviews here:

Questions or media and sponsors we should reach out to?
Contact enrique (here comes the at)

Thanks for supporting us and spreading the word about our Kickstarter fundraising. 
Michal Kopec

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