Next UX Book Club Meeting Announcement

23 Jan 2012 - 1:47pm
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Marjorie Kaye

Hi folks,

The latest time, place, and book selection info for the LA UX Book Club Meetup is available for your perusal here:

We're doing something a little different this time:   select any graphic novel that appeals to you; when we meet, we'll all take turns presenting something based on what we've read.  You can focus on a specific panel or speak more broadly about the author's visual communication style.  Or you are very welcome to create your own strip and discuss that.  Presentations should be kept to about 5 minutes, and should relate in some way to User Experience Design.

We'll be meeting on February 21 at the Highlander Solutions space (thanks, Highlander!) in Midcity. 

Details, including RSVP and membership info are available through the link above.  Everyone is welcome, hope to see you there.

-Marjorie Kaye

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