Seeking UI Designer and Web Developer for project

24 Jan 2012 - 11:53am
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Zaid Hisham


    Project Background
    The Andrea Aranow Textile Project is a two year old project to
    digitize and index a unique collection of 26,000 textiles and original
    artwork. The collection was amassed over a span of 20 years and over
    four continents and reflects a lifetime of passion for textiles. The
    collection is currently operated as a commercial archive by Blue Rider
    Design to provide inspiration to fashion and surface designers. The
    collection is housed in Portland and has been photographed and
    cataloged with a comprehensive, customized taxonomy using hierarchical
    tagging. The intent of digitizing the collection is to expand the
    collection's reach to a broader audience for more diverse use and to
    pursue academic/museum institutions for potential archive
    We are now focused on creating a browser-based application to
    demonstrate the collection’s rich history and stunning visual beauty.
    The application will feature faceted searches and image browsing; it
    will have an intuitive interface for users to search, browse and
    select items in the collection.
    Technical Details
    The images and hierarchical taxonomy were created in Adobe Lightroom;
    the images and metadata are housed in DNG files. The application will
    run on a web browser, preferably HTML5. We have not decided on the
    final form of the product, whether it is a member-based access online
    or an HTML5-based app using PhoneGap or another format.
    We are looking for talented, passionate developers to create a
    compelling web application. This is a self-funded project with a
    moderate budget but we hope the appeal of the project and working with
    a visual archive will be attractive.

    If interested, please contact
    Julie at blueriderdesign dot com.


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