Una cerveza para hablar de interacción

25 Ene 2012 - 10:14am
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El martes 31 de enero de 2012 los invito a que nos tomemos una cerveza para conocernos con las personas nuevas y hablar un poco del diseño de interacción en Colombia.

BBC de la Macarena 7:00 PM


29 Ene 2012 - 7:05pm

Hi, my name is Francesca, I'm an italian UX consultant.

Unfortunately it's impossible to to join you all, but i would really like to better understand how's the interaction design in Colombia. I'm planning to move to Bogotà and I'd like to undertand what's the local scenario. Please, if you want to share with me some info, feel free to mail me at : mafra.ste@libero.it. You can write en english, spanish, french and even in italian:) thank youSmile


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