Is hiring picking up where you are?

9 Feb 2012 - 5:20pm
4 years ago
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I have recently been getting more employment traction than I have ever had before.  I was wondering if you are experiencing the same?  I am currently in the NYC area.

Is there any implications for this increase in hiring?  I was just contacted by a recruiter for several mid-west opportunities at the same agency, willing to do a fly-in-fly-out contracting arragement.  I am actively interviewing locally, but I do want to explore all avenues.



10 Feb 2012 - 9:07am
Dave Malouf

I can confirm that hiring is on an uptick in many parts of the world, and across all types of interaction Design practices. Every one of Interaction12's sponsor is hiring:

Some things I heard from the sponsors:

  • Where are the visual interaction designers.
  • We are desperate for all levels of designers
  • We need solid experienced designers in OUR particular area of design
But there are a ton of positions out there. Just check out our job board here.

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