Comprehensive research on a local community, for local communities

16 Feb 2012 - 3:54pm
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If you're a local leader, and you've ever felt like you see the same people at every meeting, or you only see different people at every meeting and they've never heard of IxDA, or you're tired of running meetings but there's no-one to take over, this is for you.

If you attend local meetings, and you've ever felt like your local group doesn't meet enough, or the topics aren't relevant enough, or it's hard to find a job in town, or you don't know enough people, or you're the smartest person in the room all the time, or everything is always over your head, this is for you.

"This" is research done on the design community in Austin, TX over the past year, for you to use to make your local community better. I believe the problems we see in Austin are common problems, and whether you're a leader or an attendee, I believe solving them in your local community is up to you:

I did interviews and mined membership records. I talked with local leaders and started a meetup of my own. I worked with a cognitive psychologist and held a survey. I wrote an essay about it and I published all of the data online for you to use to learn about how your community compares and how to make it better.

We produced standard feedback forms you can use to see how each individual meeting goes. We designed a standard survey you can use to find out the professional makeup and engagement level of your community. We provided all the instructions and if you email me I will write you back and help you with all of it.

That's it, that's everything. I don't think national organizations do enough to support local groups, so I made all of this, with a lot of help. If you're dissatisfied with your local community in any way, these are tools you can use to improve it. I believe it's up to you.




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