Interaction|12 - a recap

22 Feb 2012 - 5:27pm
4 years ago
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Steve Baty

The Interaction|12 conference was held in Dublin, Ireland on Feb 1-4. The event represents one of the major highlights of the Interaction Design calendar, and sees people from around the world gather together to connect, share and learn.

A few fun facts and a few points of note:
  • 749 people sat down to witness the opening Keynote from Luke Williams
  • Approximately 800 people were involved in the conference - full attendees, workshop-only, day passes, exhibitors and volunteers.
  • Interaction|12 saw around 170 more people in attendance than Interaction|11; and 270 more than Interaction|10. It was twice the size of Interaction|09; and around 375 people larger than Interaction|08.
  • More than 33 countries were represented at Interaction|12, including every continent (except Antarctica)
  • Approximately 650 people travelled to Ireland from overseas - about 4.5 times higher than the international contingent at any previous Interaction conference
  • This was the first Interaction conference with live entertainment during lunch;
  • This was the first Interaction conference held outside North America
  • Speakers were drawn from more than a dozen different countries
  • The Interaction Awards were staged for the first time, and awarded during the course of the conference. This was truly a milestone event for the IxDA and the interaction design community. Jennifer Bove and Raphael Grignani - and their organizing committee - did a fabulous job, and we have all benefited from their drive and insight.

Over the coming months you will see redux events (local gatherings to watch, review and recap the conference) occurring around the world. The first was held in London on February 21st. These events are a great opportunity to join in the experience of the conference with your local community.

The conference was organized by a very energetic and passionate group spanning three continents. Thousands of hours of effort and a great deal of energy went into the organization of the conference programme, social events, the Student Design Challenge and the Interaction Awards ceremony. I'd like to publicly thank these volunteers for putting together such an amazing show.

The 2013 Interaction conference will be held in Toronto. We hope to see you there.

Steve Baty
Chair, Interaction|12
President, IxDA



28 Feb 2012 - 7:00pm
Elizabeth Bacon

Hi Steve,

Bravo again for the great show. Where and how are the videos going to be disseminated? Could we get them placed into the IxDA Resource Library as the central, IxDA-owned repository of design goodness? 


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