Summer Research Grant for Design Students

1 Mar 2012 - 1:59pm
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June 20, 2012- September 15, 2012
(7 weeks)

Prof.Dr. Cagatay Basdogan
Prof.Dr. Hakan Urey
Prof.Dr. Oguzhan Özcan
Assist. Prof. Dr. Metin Sezgin

Cell animation design in smart platform, tactile game design and concept design for advanced media display
For the first time in this summer, Design Lab. opens world recognized the optical media display lab., the robotic lab., and the smart interface lab. at Koc University, for highly gifted senior design students.
This program is designed for animation, graphic design, communication design and other design students from different universities who have high motivation and intend to improve their research skills and consider a master’s or doctoral degree.
Students will learn a broad range of new concepts and scientific and design research techniques which enables them to develop their independent thinking and creativity. The program provides research experiences to undergraduates that help them choose either professional research career or graduate education in the field of design.
The program lasts at least 7 weeks. The beginning and ending dates are flexible depending on the needs of supervisor and students. Students choose the appropriate research projects determined by Koc University faculty members based on their interests.
Students accepted to the program do not pay any school registration or accommodation fee. They can stay on Koc University Dorms free of charge. They can also use the facilities including sport center, library and cafeteria. However, students are responsible for their food expenses. They are expected to be responsible for their health care expenditures and make their health insurance.
- Being a senior in a university undergraduate program
- Having an advanced production skill in the field of animation, illustration and/or web interface graphics
The application process begins by filling out and submitting an application form online by adding the web link which shows the portfolios (the e-mail attachements will not be accepted) between 1-10 April. Online application form will be available on in April,1.

For more information you can send an e-mail to 

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