Anybody successfully incorporated interactive whiteboards into their design process?

6 Mar 2012 - 2:22pm
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Our team is revamping the design room. Our current process is to sketch on whiteboards or butcher paper and photograph, then email the results. When we can borrow a Panaboard (same thing, but captures images to a USB stick) we use that.We'd also like to collaborate with others remotely.

In the past I've used Promethean and SMART boards, mainly for testing since our products are used with them in classrooms, but haven't done much with them for design. The projector usually gets in the way (although top mounted short-throw projectors fix that), and it didn't feel natural, though I didn't really give it a chance.

Any advice from designers who regularly use them?  Any particular models?


7 Mar 2012 - 6:07am
Jo Packer

If you and your collaborators have ipads Sketchshare is a fine tool. It's great for quick design mockups and you can collaborate with other designers / clients in real-time.

11 Mar 2012 - 6:21pm

Example of design on whiteboard.pngIf you want to share mockups with others in real-time, and let them write comments about particular aspects of your design, you should use Kerika (  Kerika turns your browser into a virtual whiteboard: you can your mockups (as .JPGs, .PNGs, .GIFs, etc.) and drag and drop the onto your browser/canvas, and share these with other people.  People can then write their comments alongside the mockups, and use these to expand the design concepts into sub-pages.

We use this with a remote design and remote dev team, and we have been able to completely eliminate emails within the team and get much faster resolution of design issues and faster implementation of the design.

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