[JOB - FREELANCE] Looking for freelance IA for a music project I'm working on in Greensboro, NC

14 Mar 2012 - 10:37am
4 years ago
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Hi everyone,

I'm well aware that we have a Jobs board to post to, but this is more of a freelance project that is a few weeks and not full-time. I don't have a budget for posting this gig to the jobs board and I apologize for that. I'm not a recruiter, but a fellow IA and Product Manager who needs some help with this project, because I'm also acting as project manager, and I just don't have the bandwidth to handle all three major tasks. I'm calling in the troops, so to speak. LOL.

What I'm hoping to find is an IA in Chapel Hill or Greensboro who has some availability to work on a 1 to 2 month wireframing project for a DIY music project not unlike Reverb Nation or BandCamp. It also has a social e-commerce component. I'm fine with someone outside the area as well. I work in OmniGraffle exclusively, so someone who works in OmniGraffle would be great.

If you're avail and interested, please get in touch with me at az (at) digitalstrategyworks.com and we'll discuss the details.


17 Mar 2012 - 12:22pm

I've got some great replies to my request and am sorting through them for Monday call backs. Thanks everyone.

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