Card Sorting with Nested Groups

20 Mar 2012 - 7:09am
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William Hudson

We're working on the next release of our card sorting analysis software, SynCaps V3 and need a few sites to try out the new 'nested groups' feature on face-to-face, paper-based projects. This allows the kind of hierarchical sorting that many want to do but that few tools support, for example:

Vegetables (group level 1)
-Root Vegetables (group level 2)
--Potatoes (group level 3)
---White Potatoes (item)
---Sweet Potatoes (item)

and so on.

We'd provide templates for printing out your own cards (or adhesive labels) complete with bar codes for easy data collection, although the data can also be typed in. You'd then have the choice of shipping your cards to us in the UK - we would process them and provide the results - or process them yourself using a beta version of the software. Either way we would make no charge.

If you're interested let me know. There is more information on the current versions of SynCaps (including a free edition) at


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