Practical Reciprocation for Information

4 Apr 2012 - 8:03am
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Paul Pinkney

I remember a discussion about a year ago regarding reciprocation vs. reward a la "Neuro Web Design".  (Found this book very helpful, by the way.)  Our company has the ever-so-common situation of having whitepapers, brochures, etc. on our website, and at the moment, users have to enter a fair amount of contact information prior to getting to those items.  I am not in charge of the UX for the site, but do have the director's ear and am urgently trying to persuade everyone involved to adopt a different strategy (a) because I know people find this approach to be very annoying, which promotes an overall bad impression of the company and (b) because I truly believe we are presenting a barrier to present and potential customers.  Has anyone had any luck at alternative strategies such as

- Use of OpenID, Facebook, Google, or other accounts to log in

- Use of cookies to identify returning users so that contact information has to be entered only once (theoretically)

- Limiting the amount of contact information to, say, just an email address or just a phone number or at least one of these

- Other strategies, of course

Thanks a bunch.

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