Best practices for drop down menus

9 Apr 2012 - 4:17pm
4 years ago
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Stephanie Aaron

I'm working on a site and want to use drop down menus so the user can see and navigate to subsections easily and quickly. My question is: "How do you let the user know the main category headings (e.g. About) are landing pages and contain content?  The obvious way is the have the word “About” repeated below in the listing of subpages but that seems inelegant. Any relevant research would be appreciated as well. 


10 Apr 2012 - 2:50pm

A little bit discoverability doesn't hurt. I would make the word/tab/button 'ABOUT' have state changes to indicate that it is clickable. The actual About page clearly displays some main content and sub tabs/subpages on the page. Back on the main tabs- a drop-down arrow icon next to the word would indicate that there are sub tabs/subpages. These subtabs could be links as well, which takes the user to a subpage, which clearly indicates the heirarchy with respect to the About page (e.g., breadcrumbs, etc.). There could be more novel ways of doing this but here's my default option.

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