Regarding an Automatic Accessibility framework for web technologies

17 Apr 2012 - 6:00pm
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I'm Bryan Garaventa, a blind developer and the creator of
Since 2009, I've been building  AccDC, which is an API that accelerates dynamic behaviors while automating accessibility, allowing developers to incorporate performance enhanced processes within their web technologies, without requiring them to know how Assistive Technologies work to make their applications automatically accessible for disabled Assistive Technology users.
My hope is to revolutionize the development of automatically accessible web technologies around the world, which would positively impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people using virtual technologies.
Collectively, this would also save hundreds of millions for businesses and organizations by incorporating automatic accessibility within their software, since it won't just affect disabled Assistive Technology users, but rather, it would make web technologies work more reliably for everyone.
'Automatic Accessibility' refers to a combination of the principles Universal Design (equally accessible to all) and Inclusive Design (integrated accessibility within mainstream applications).

To get this going, I've started the Kickstarter project at:
Where the project proposal is fully outlined.
If there's anything you can do to assist, it would help immensely to significantly improve the accessibility and usability of all current and future web technologies for everyone.
Bryan Garaventa

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