ANN: new book-in-progress on web governance

25 Apr 2012 - 11:09am
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Louis Rosenfeld


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Great news: Lisa Welchman has begun writing Managing Chaos: Web Governance for the Enterprise (due out later this year)!
No matter how much your organization invests in UX research, design, technology, or content strategy, there’s a good chance these efforts will fall flat if web governance hasn’t been addressed. In the absence of coherent approach to web governance, your web presence will wilt under the weight of organizational political intrigue and outright turf warfare as various factions fight over the details of information architecture, design, technology, and editorial standards. Set yourself and your website free! With web governance your web environment will become the agile,coordinated business channel it was meant to be.
In her forthcoming book, Lisa Welchman, the leading expert on the web governance, will provide you with the guidelines, stories, tips, and sanity checks you’ll need to make sure your web environment is governed, rather than governing you. You can keep up with Lisa's progress by:

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