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2 May 2012 - 3:32am
4 years ago
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Hi all,

Greetings to the awesome designers from city of Ahmedabad and around.

Starting a group where some great UX, UI and interaction designers can meet, discuss, teach and learn. Non-designers can join too.

Since we have institutes like NID and MICA in town, I think it'll be a great experience meeting each other.

So come, join, inspire and get inspied!

Ideas needed for the first meet up Dates, Venue and Agenda.

Start shooting! 



Kamaksh G


2 May 2012 - 6:00am

Thanks for inviting me Kamaksh. Just to share my personal views people in Gujarat specifically I would say dont focus on design aspect or the high standard design creativity required in every aspect of project whether it be front end, backend, UI design, user experience and interactivity etc. The market surely has a huge demand of designers but only 5% to 8% are really qualified to match the standard the high market trend requrires.

we do not have a pool of resource of knowledge that could be easily shared or spoken about in the market. People which high standard knowledge and design skills to help upcoming talents to follow steps to make them really good. Most of the companies has tried and failed to get the standard and match the high standard design quality and as their is a scarcity of pool of resources people are considering low standard designs and moving ahead with it.

Whereas talent does exist though its a few but those talents has to take a step further to share the knowledge and help others to reach out to that level. This group might bring up some new enlightment towards getting more designers under on roof and serving better to the industry.

Subhasish Sen

2 May 2012 - 6:39am
Vivek Mansata

Looking forward to the meet. Could you also start a facebook event, so we can notify people on FB.

Many thanks,


2 May 2012 - 6:44am

Hi Kamakh,

The idea is good, i would say ...the following points are required for the offline discussion.

1. A tentitive agenda should be part of hte discussion.
2. Aims and Target for the discussion.
3. Level of discussion i.e. common for Freshers and Professionals or separated since the topic would be different in all the cases.
4. Have to fix the Base of the design discussion since it's a large scale to manipulate. i.e. Design Awareness, Designers vs Clients, The importance of Thinking design than using tools and technologies, What is Design and so on. 

similarly, more points can be brought together to make it more focus group.

5. This is important because most of designers are busy in work, travelling, teaching and so on. It's very difficult for such persons to get them on off-line discussion unless we have something big. 

I recently moved down to Mumbai, but i feel the design awareness is a major role which is required in most of the places in India.


4 May 2012 - 2:22am

Hi Abhinash,

Thanks for the inputs. Though you are away from town, will seek your advice on this.

Sure, we should have an agenda and plan for at least 6 months meet ups. This can be decided in our first meet up. 



2 May 2012 - 7:19am

It's nice idea kamaksh. I would also love to join this meetup. :) :)

4 May 2012 - 2:37am

Thanks to everyone for showing ineterest and awerness. I could see an awesome underrated talent that's there in the city. Ahmedabad has always been unerestimated when it comes to creativity. Time to raise the bar!

I think, our first meet up should be an introduction session and deciding roadmap for further meet ups. What say?

Please keep pouring ideas.  Spread the word.



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